Is jill bennett dating cathy debuono

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(Below.) This is just one of the many things Bennett has done for gay welfare, as well as sharing her life with the lesbian community - both on She Wired and After - ensuring people everywhere that being gay really is ok.

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She became part of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in its last three season as M’Pella.From soap star to veritable lesbian icon, Executive Producer and actress Maeve Quinlan’s on the cutting edge of scripted comedy with the hilarious and irreverent lesbian-themed Internet romp, 3Way. The craziness in his life seems worlds away from where you’re at. People have said they really like the show and have asked to be on. Along with her former co-workers and best pals, Nancylee Myatt and Paige Bernhardt, Quinlan conceived of and created the sensation that has become 3Way, about a straight soap actress who moves her best gay girlfriend into her home only to be followed by an array of whacky lesbian characters. MQ: It was in another lifetime, a case of opposites attract. And then there’s the whole Ladycops thing with Christina Cox and Liz Vassey, you know, the show within a show. Billed as, “The hottest lesbian comedy NOT on TV,” the little Internet show that could co-stars Jill Bennett, Cathy Shim and co-writer Maile Flanagan. I had done Girltrash with Angela Robinson on the Web. LN: I wanted to ask you a little more about the Dinah this year. But with wildly inventive guest appearances by the original “Buffy,” Kristy Swanson, as a loopy stalker and The L Word’s Elizabeth Keener as compulsive liar and overly friendly ex-girlfriend, 3Way is already created much buzz and a can’t-get-enough fan base. MQ: Last year we knew that South of Nowhere wasn’t coming back. I had this idea of a straight woman living with two lesbians, which was loosely based on my life in some capacity. You said you were shooting the finale there but did you get to play all? But no, we did go to the White Diamonds party on Friday night.

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The pair star, produced and directed the hit online series "We Have To Stop Now" which chronicles the trials of a power lesbian therapist couple struggling to keep their marriage alive.

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